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Having one of our trained professionals look over air conditioners left sitting over California’s barely there winters is a simple yearly checkup for your units that could save the big money in the long run. Faith Air and Heating, Inc can also advise you when it’s time to throw in the towel and replace a now-costly older unit, with one that is newer, more economical, and more energy efficient. Our licensed service technicians are there to help every step of the way whether it's for a complete overhaul or a simple repair. Call us today for your free estimate!

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Our Coverage Includes ALL Property Types: Commercial, Residential, & Industrial.

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Cooling & Air Conditioning Coverage

Faith Air and Heating, Inc takes pride in our full services air conditioning coverage. Summers in the Santa Clarita, Lancaster and San Fernando Valley area are what California dreams are made of, but warm air and stagnant units make for a less than desirable atmosphere. Make sure your AC is as cool as can be by calling Faith Air and Heating, Inc for all your air conditioning repair and maintenance needs!

Cooling & A/C Services Offered

Cooling Repairs | A/C Unit Installation | Cooling Inspections | A/C Unit Replacements | Cooling System Designs | Air Conditioning Maintenance

Furnace & Heating Services

While our beautiful California weather may make it seem like the Santa Clarita, Lancaster, and San Fernando Valley area doesn’t ever suffer from winter temps, that doesn’t mean there won’t be nights that the chill in the air is just a little more than you’re comfortable with. Don’t get caught in the cold with a faulty heater or furnace. Call Faith Air and Heating, Inc today for any maintenance or heating repairs!

Heating & Furnace Services Offered

Furnace Repairs | Heating Unit Installation | Furnace Inspections | Heating Unit Replacements | Furnace Maintenance | Heating System Troubleshooting


General HVAC Services

Faith Air and Heating, Inc takes pride in our full services air conditioner and heating coverage. Let us handle everything from giving a complimentary estimate on repairs needed for an already existing unit, or take our trusted opinion and industry skills when it comes to replacing what you have with something more energy efficient and economical.

General HVAC Services Offered

HVAC Repairs | HVAC Unit Installation | HVAC Inspections | HVAC Unit Replacements | HVAC System Designs | HVAC Maintenance


Commercial HVAC Services

Keeping a commercial property like an apartment complex, busy restaurant or an even a huge industrial warehouse full of perishable good at a reasonable temperature is something that not only takes trade knowledge and skill but the ability to follow through accurately. Trust the professionals at Faith Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, our 15+ years of experience is a testament to our professionalism and dedication to any and every job.


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